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An estimated 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce due to various reasons, but marriage counselors in Frisco TX can reduce this risk if you are in an emotionally abusive relationship. Of course, it is important to note that you should seek immediate help if you feel unsafe or your life is being threatened. Using this guide, you will understand the signs of emotional abuse and learn how counselors can help you and your spouse.

Signs of Emotional Abuse

The signs of physical abuse are easy to see since they almost always leave bumps, bruises, or even broken bones. Unfortunately, the signs of emotional abuse are invisible and difficult to distinguish. If you are dealing with the following, you may be in an emotionally-abusive relationship:

  • Yelling – Constant yelling is an unhealthy means of communication.
  • Names, Putdowns, Degradation – Emotional abuse includes name-calling or degrading the other person.
  • Threats – Threats to physically, emotionally, or financially hurt you are considered a form of emotional abuse.
  • Control – Physical, emotional, and financial control is also a form of abuse.
  • One-Sided Opinions – An emotionally-abusive spouse will do most of the arguing without taking your side, thoughts, and opinions into consideration.

Therapy for Emotionally Abusive Relationships

It is important to note that all married couples have differences and arguments, but constant name-calling, yelling, and threatening control are signs that you and your spouse need counseling.

Marriage counselors in Frisco TX offer treatment options to learn the causes of emotional abuse and the best course of action to save your marriage.

Individualized therapy is imperative for the abusive person in the marriage. After a few sessions, counselors are able to determine why the person is abusive to their spouse. In most cases, this abuse is a learned behavior, stemming from the abuser’s childhood. Individualized therapy will allow the abuser to work through their memories, helping them understand why they feel the need to abuse their own spouse.

Therapy is also necessary as a couple. Counselors will teach you and your spouse skills to communicate properly, without degradation, threats, or anger. Improving communication will reduce the emotionally abusive behavior, but the abuser must undergo their own individual therapy to cope and manage any anger or other emotional issues.

Therapy is an effective option for emotionally abusive relationships, but you and your spouse must work together to treat the issue and improve your marriage.

If you are dealing with an emotionally abusive spouse, contact The Center for Marriage and Family Counseling at (214) 250-7808 to meet with the caring marriage counselors in Frisco, TX.