Marriage Counseling

Marriage therapy or couples counseling is designed to help you work through relationship or communication problems and create emotional closeness. We help couples understand the emotional needs of each partner, meet each other’s needs, and learn tools to negotiate differences, problem solve and work through conflict in a healthy way to gain and maintain a deeper level of intimacy and closeness.

Premarriage or premarital counseling can help dating or engaged partners understand their differences and resolve differences before marriage so they can have the tools to create a happy and healthy marriage from the start.  Some important topics to cover in pre-marital counseling include commitment, money management, problem-solving skills, boundaries with friends and family, and communication skills.

Three to four times a year we host a Hold Me Tight Marriage Enrichment Retreat.  Our experience is that many marriages suffer from neglect.  When spouses feel starved, this can lead to increased tension and an overall decrease in closeness and intimacy.   We love the definition of Intimacy as “Into me I see.”   Most spouses yearn to be seen and understood at a deep level.  The Hold Me Tight workshop provides an opportunity to strengthen their marital bond by spending a weekend together.  During this weekend workshop, the team of counselors guide the couples in having  7 Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.   This workshop is based on the best selling marriage book “Hold Me Tight” by Sue Johnson, a leading expert on connection in marriage.   Learn more about the Hold Me Tight Retreat.

Common issues we help couples work through are:

  • Healing from infidelity
  • Divorce
  • Sexual incompatibility
  • Financial duress
  • Unemployment
  • Infertility
  • Communication problems
  • Physical or mental conditions
  • Blended families
  • Anger