Professionals in marriage counseling know that there is a much-publicized statistic that most people have heard about which is that 50 percent of U.S. marriages will end in divorce. This high percentage makes it seem that divorce is no big deal since half of the people in the country are doing it. Unfortunately, divorce is a very, very big deal that causes pain to the couples divorcing and to any children they might have. That’s why couples in North Texas should seek marriage counseling in Frisco, TX before they consider taking the ultimate step of dissolving their marriage. If you’re not sure if you need counseling, consider these warning signs:

1 – Communication is negative or non-existent.

Communication is vital to a healthy marriage so couples who either don’t bother to communicate anymore or whose communication is negative are never going to be able to resolve any of their differences without help. Counseling can help couples to understand the importance of keeping lines of communication open and avoiding saying things that can hurt feelings and keep the relationship from recovering.

2 – One or both partners have had an affair.

For many couples, infidelity is a marriage-breaker. But for couples who still ultimately love each other, marriage counseling in Frisco, TX can help them to forgive and move forward, though it will be difficult. Honesty and confronting problems that may have led to the infidelity can sometimes help couples try to salvage their marriage.

3 – When intimacy is gone.

The loss of intimacy in a marriage can be devastating because it is the one thing that separates marriage from other types of relationships. Although intimacy generally refers to sex, it can also mean holding, hugging, and kissing and these are vital to the feeling of oneness that married couples should have. It could also go as far as not sharing the same bed that you once were. Counseling can help to open the lines of communication to find out why there is a lack of intimacy. It can also help couples to resolve their issues.

4 – When children are the only reason for staying together.

Sometimes staying together, even though there is unhappiness, is the easiest course of action for couples, especially those with children. But just as children can be hurt by divorce, they can be hurt by living in a home with parents who argue constantly or who don’t seem to like each other anymore. Children are smarter than adults give them credit for and most can tell when there is a problem in their parents’ relationship. A good marriage counselor can help couples move toward a positive, healthy relationship that will enable them to stay married or they can help them to understand that, in some cases, staying together is not in the best interest of their children or themselves.

There is no greater emotional pain than the breakdown or loss of a once-loving relationship. If you feel that your marriage is in trouble, seek marriage counseling in Frisco, TX. At the Center for Marriage and Family Counseling, we can help you and your partner resolve the problems that are keeping you from having the happy marriage you envisioned when you were first married. Call us today at (214) 250-7808 or schedule an appointment online here.
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