Sex Addiction Counseling in Frisco TX Helps Cure Compulsive Behavior

Sex Addiction Counseling Frisco TXCompulsive, inappropriate sexual behavior merits sex addiction counseling in Frisco TX. Anyone who is unable to control sexual thoughts and actions to a point where it interferes with daily life may have a sexual addiction. Voyeurism, excessive use of online or phone sex services, exhibitionism and practicing unsafe sex are some forms of sexual addiction. Even if some people want to stop these behaviors, they may find it hard to do so on their own. The first step to getting better is seeing a sexual addiction therapist to discuss ways to control dangerous behavior.

Talk therapy compromises the main part of sex addiction counseling in Frisco TX. This treatment is also known as psychotherapy. Your counselor will talk to you (and your partner if you’re in a relationship) about arguments, risky sexual behavior and other destructive actions. The sessions with your therapist explore the possible reasons for your behavior and ways you can remedy it. Many people are caught in ongoing Automatic behaviors and have no idea that they’re saying or doing things harmful to the relationship. It may just seem like normal, everyday behavior to you, but to anyone else it will seem abusive, harmful or unnecessary. A psychotherapist helps you step back and look at your behavior-and the motivation behind it- so you can correct it and make better choices.

Some sex counseling in Frisco TX incorporates a 12 step program similar to Alcoholics Anonymous and other chemical dependency treatments. A sex addiction treatment program may include education about what constitutes sex addiction and identifies misconceptions about destructive sexual behavior. There may be separate counseling for couples where one partner has a sex addiction and the couple wants to heal their relationship. Other types of more intimate treatment may be used for couples undergoing sex addiction counseling, depending on the program.

Therapists and staff need to make decisions about what information to divulge to family members about symptoms, behavior and treatment. The therapist and staff will develop a proper therapeutic regime for the patient and his or her family and friends.

The Center for Marriage and Family offers sex addiction counseling in Frisco TX through its LifeSTAR program. This program helps you understand your addiction and learn how to overcome it through lifestyle changes. Unlike chemical dependency or alcoholism, sexual addiction recovery is based on lifestyle changes that help you make better decisions about your sex life. It’s not about abstinence. Call us today at 214-250-7808 to make an appointment. We can help you learn to make better choices and save your marriage or relationship!

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