Hold Me Tight

Couples Retreat

July 23-24 2021
Frisco, TX



patterns that hurt your marriage


resentment and forgive for good


emotional and sexual intimacy


your love story

The Hold Me Tight two-day couples workshop is designed to understand and deepen your love story.
We use Sue Johnson’s book, Hold Me Tight, and the Emotionally Focused Therapy model as a road-map to address those issues which prevent your relationship from growing in love.

Hold Me Tight book by Dr. Sue Johnson. Seven conversations for a lifetime of love.


Day One • We identify the variety of negative patterns that hurt and starve the couple relationship. Some relationships suffer because of blame and reactive anger. Other couples struggle from one or both spouses withdrawing and not engaging in conversations or reaching for connection. Some couples have suffered through a hard life experience that created resentment, distrust, and deep wounds to the relationship. In contrast, other couples admit to simply neglecting their relationship and they attend the workshop to nourish life and love back into their marriage. All of the above couple issues are a good fit for the Hold Me Tight workshop.


Day Two • We build on the skills and awareness from the first day to develop new habits and experiences to deepen the couple bond. We cover topics of healing old wounds, forgiveness, sexual intimacy, and the final conversation is called “keeping your love alive.” We have a special closing ceremony that resembles a vow renewal. It symbolizes “letting go” of those things that hurt or starved the marriage and a “new beginning” of habits that nurture and feed the marriage. The good news is that long after this weekend is over, you’ll be able to use these tools to keep your relationship strong.

“The greatest happiness life has to offer most often occurs in a safe-haven relationship where you feel loved, cherished, and where life becomes a juicy adventure with your best friend.”

—Shane Adamson

Workshop Format

The co-facilitators teach how to successfully have the 7 conversations from the book Hold Me Tight. Video of couples role-modeling the conversation and handouts are provided.

Safety and confidentiality are preserved by ensuring couples are given a private place to have their marriage conversations. You do not have to share anything personal in the large group.

Dinner on Friday night and lunch on Saturday is provided as well as snack breaks over the two-day workshop. In the week before the workshop, we will provide a menu for your review. If you have a favorite food or beverage, a fridge is available for storage. You can provide any dietary restrictions in the notes section of your registration and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We want you to feel comfortable as you do the important work of strengthening your marriage. The thermostat is set for 72 degrees. If that is too cold or warm for you, bring clothing or a jacket to layer for your comfort level.

The workshop begins Friday afternoon at 3 pm and continues to 8 pm. Then on Saturday we go from 10 am to 5 pm. Please note that when registering, the system asks you to select an hour time slot. This does not correspond to the workshop time–it is just how our booking system works. (Also note that full refunds are available only if cancelling up to 2 weeks beforehand. Half refunds are available if cancelling 13-8 days before, and no refunds from day 7 to the scheduled workshop.)

Hold Me Tight and the Emotionally Focused Therapy model that is the foundation for this workshop has the best outcome studies for couple success. Thanks for prioritizing you and your marriage by making a commitment to attend the Hold Me Tight Workshop.

“In love, you don’t need to be rich or smart or talented—you just have to be there!”

—Robert Karen

Cycle of Sadness

Break the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationship.


Learn how to slow down reactivity around common arguments to understand the pain and deeper needs around these sensitive topics.


Deepen your emotional bonds through clearing resentments, forgiving injuries,
& enjoying sexual intimacy.

Nurturing a garden

Learn how to treat your marriage like a garden by removing weed-like habits that hurt and developing nurturing habits that increase love and bonding.

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