We all need love, connection, closeness and safety with our spouse and in our marriage. We need to know that our spouse is emotionally available for us that he or she will respond with comfort, care, and concern.  This marriage seminar provides couples demonstrative videos, opportunities to have private conversations, and learn from other couples and facilitators.

This seminar will help you to:

  • Break the cycles of frustration and loneliness in your relationship.

  • Improve your ability to understand yourself and your emotions.

  • Forgive injuries and make amends.

  • Deepen your romantic connection through emotional and sexual intimacy.

  • Participate in 7 conversations with some guidance.

Description of Hold Me Tight Workshop

What are the Seven Conversations?

By guiding you through seven transforming conversations, the program will show you how to create a safe, loving bond with your partner.

The first four conversations teaches you how to avoid patterns of disconnection and develop habits of attunement that leads to more consistent connection and practices that create emotional intimacy. The next two conversations demonstrate how you can promote emotional bonding through forgiving injuries and sexual intimacy. The final conversation shows you how to care for your relationship on a daily basis.

  1. Recognizing Demon Dialogues – First, couples identify common emotional reactions that lead to negative cycles.  Being able to identify the negative patterns is the first step to being able to step out of those patterns.

  1. Finding the Raw Spots – Next, each partner learns to look beyond their immediate, impulsive reactions to discover the vulnerable feelings under the negative cycles.

  1. Revisiting a Rocky Moment – This conversation develops a safe platform for de-escalating conflict, repairing disconnections, and building emotional security.

  1. Hold Me Tight – Now the partners can move into being more accessible, emotionally responsive, and deeply engaged to strengthen and protect their emotional connection.

  1. Forgiving Injuries – Old hurts and resentments hinders intimacy from developing. This conversation guides couples in how to safely navigate the forgiveness process.

  1. Bonding Through Sex and Touch – Here, couples learn more about how emotional connection enhances physical connection, which in turn creates an overall more well rounded intimacy.

  1. Keeping Your Love Alive – The last conversation in the program builds on the understanding that a love relationship is a continual process of losing and finding emotional connection; it helps couples to be deliberate and be mindful about maintaining that connection.