The greatest happiness this world has to offer most often comes through loving relationships. Help for Marriage and Family Podcast

Coming January 2022:
Help for Marriage and Families Podcast

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Welcome to a place where we courageously discuss the messy and amazing parts of marriage and family life.   We will discuss complex problems and be inspired by love stories.

As a professional counselor for over 25 years, Shane observes what helps and what hurts individuals, marriages, and families. Shane combines clinical experiences and formal training to identify quality content for the listener. The greatest happiness life has to offer most often comes through connected and loving relationships. The podcast features authors and experts as well as everyday heroes who have something helpful and inspiring to share about strengthening loving relationships. Episodes will inspire the listener to do hard things as well as find better ways to live, love and parent. This is a place we get real, tell stories, and are reminded of things that matter most. You, your marriage, and your family have seeds of greatness. Subscribe to get the water, light, and nutrients to grow your greatness. Prime relationships deserve prime time!

If you have a recommendation for a guest on the podcast, please e-mail Shane